Adorable Kittens on the Web


Who can honestly say that they do not love kittens? They are adorable and can be rather comical at times. Many find that looking at pictures or watching videos of adorable kittens reduces stress. is a great website for anyone who loves these adorable creatures. They have their home page with its featured article as well as video, GIF, picture and even meme sections.

An article highlighting 21 felines who love pizza is sure to catch your interest. One of my favorite pictures in that article was one in which a cat was sitting at a table enjoying some tasty pizza with his family. Another one that caught my attention was a picture in which one of our furry feline friends made himself at home inside a pizza box with only one slice left.

The video section has enough adorable footage to keep you entertained for quite some time. Some of these are not only adorable but also very funny to watch. You can watch cats welcome their owners home, cats fighting over food and my personal favorite is the video in which attempts are made to make they ever famous grumpy cat smile for what I believe would be the first time in his life. Do they succeed? Well, we wouldn’t want to spoil it now would we?

This brings us to the GIF section, which has no shortage of adorable felines. There are so many GIFs on this site is it difficult to pick a favorite. We have several kittens climbing a humans leg, a cat who seems to have a phobia of fruit, a cat who seems to have the ability to defy gravity and a sleeping kitten who is cuddling with what appears to be a little toy pig to name a few! My personal favorite though has to be the pro skateboarder cat who rides a skate board down the sidewalk, jumped over a dog as the board goes under it and then lands safely back on the board. Although the dog does not seem to be as amused by this as I was!

Next up is the picture section. This subsection links to many other subsections and will ensure that you will not run out of adorable content anytime soon. We have 7 cats with unbelievable eyes, disturbing Photoshop images, a kitten who seems to have acquired a rather large sum of money though bank robbery, and 21 cats who enjoy a good workout to name just a few. One of my favorite pictures was the one with a kitten so cute even a dog had to cuddle up with it!

Next up is the meme section. We all love a good meme, even more so when they feature our feline friends. Can any of these cats top the grumpy cat? I believe his answer would be a resounded no but he could be a little bias! Here you will find pictures of adorable kittens with super funny captions. We have a cat who seems to have something on his mind he just has to confess, a cat who seems upset that his owner lacks the motivation to clean the house, life with vs life without a cat among other great memes.